Last week we announced the Winners of our #Food4TheHood Contest , this week we are doubling down and giving you the POWER of the Vote . We recieved a Gift Card from DIX Sporting Goods at a value of $170.00 , & we're going to give it away to one of our Winners .

Zaniah & Zabrina Gray Contest Winners .😎

Anthony Holliman Contest Winner .😎

Isaiah Baker Contest Winner .😎

We gave each of our WINNERS $150 gift pack , now we are going to extend the play on this contest by putting a DIX SPORTING GOODS Gift Card , valued at $170.00 , in The Pot . We invite your contribution .

Vote for your favorite video via email ; iamkidculture19@gmail.com or on our Social media Pages . In 2 weeks who ever gets the most Votes , Likes , Views or Shares WINS !

If you want to add to The Pot to reward all four of our winners please feel free to purchase a #Kidculture #Choices T-Shirt or click the donation link , we are a 501(c)3 organization , and We are Honored to do what we can for our youth .

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