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Updated: Jul 22, 2022

2020 #Food4TheHood GRAND PRIZE WINNERS !

Our organization , wants to thank Zaundra & Zabrina for their participation in our CONTEST .

Zaundra on the left is 7 , her Sister , Zabrina on the right is 12 . They both submitted videos

on how to slow the spread of The Covid 19 Corona Virus .

Zaundra wants to be a Doctor .

Zabrina wants to be a Pastry Chef or a Teacher .

Their videos got the most votes , and we want to thank every one who submitted videos , & viewed their videos on our site and social media pages .

The #Food4TheHood Contest was our First Online initiative , we launched it as a response to the Covid 19 Corona Virus Crisis . The goal of the contest was to enlist young people to

educate their peers on how to be safe . Peer to Peer Education is a proven method of teaching .

The West Side of Rockford is largely known for shootings , poverty & blight , our mission is to bring resources and opportunities to Young People who find themselves living in communities that face these challenges .

It is an honor to help motivate Kids / Teens to be more than their circumstances , and reward them when they themselves are seeking to not only survive , but to thrive , even if the world may not have provided them with opportunities .

A photograph of two girls (sisters Zaundra and Zabrina) wearing colorful clothes side-by-side, standing in front of a grassy yard. The bigger girl points to the smaller girl.
Zaundra and Zabrina

Many people can't begin to imagine seeing their children jumping off the bus and have to run between 3 memorials of young men who have been killed , just to get to their front

door . Children growing up in neighborhoods where there is shootings regularly need to know that their lives have value . Empathy is taught , just as apathy & ruthlessness is taught .

We look forward to your continued support and thank you .

A photo of a man, Patrick Pursley, standing in front of a Northwestern University sign, holding a thumbs-up and smiling.
Patrick Pursley, the I Am KidCulture founder, at Northwestern University. committed to reducing Gun & Gang violence , promoting Higher Education & Vocation , and empowering At-Risk Youth .

Check out our Curriculum , book now for speaking engagements , purchase #Kidculture merchandise or donate on our site .

Thank you , Founder Patrick Pursley .

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