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KidCulture #REFRESH

A photo of amorphous, colorful graffiti.

If you have been here before, you might have noticed some changes (a lot of changes!) to the site. If not, take a minute to browse through the changes at

The new site offers a streamlined user experience and a clean, fresh look that better reflects I Am KidCulture’s vision.

Our goal with the refresh is to provide you, our visitors, with easier access to information about the I Am KidCulture mission to:

  • Reduce gun and gang violence.

  • Promote higher education and vocation.

  • Empower at-risk youth.

This updated site has easier more intuitive navigation, more focused blog categories, and more detailed information about our curriculum. It also highlights Patrick Pursley’s personal story, as well as I Am KidCulture’s origins.

We hope you will enjoy this fresh user experience, with its expanded resources and easier navigation. We will continue updating our blog with even more information about our mission, events, contests, giveaways, and ways to help--so stay tuned!

Finally, keep watching! More exciting changes are coming.

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