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What we do !




 The iamkidculture movement was born in confinement in the mid 2000's , the Brain Child of

 Patrick Pursley who was serving a life sentence / wrongful conviction .

prior to Pursley getting Legislation introduced to prove his innocence , he attended classes & put 

together the Kid Culture Curriculum, with the help other inmates .

  Prior to Pursley's Exoneration Jan 16th, 2019, Kid Culture Curriculum was being used in various

 capacities in Middle Schools , High Schools , Universities , Gang Peace Circles , thanks to other prisoners

Professors , Chaplains , Teachers and Family .......

  What we do.....


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We must create solutions to the gun violence that plague our culture... Patrick Pursley 

Our Mission

 I am kid culture supports our arts and curriculum.  We use multimedia to reach at risk youth in order to encourage them to set goals career paths and higher learning our materials been widely used and disseminated  with professional teachers and volunteers.


Our Vision

By 2022 our plan is to have a state of the art audio and visual production studio, and a performance venue for our youth to perform.

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