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We must create solutions to the gun violence that plagues our culture.

- Patrick Pursley, Founder

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A photograph of a hand pointing to the top left corner of a comic book style drawing in blue ink on white paper. At the top of the page, the first few letters of  the word "KidCulture" and the entire word "Knowledge". The hand in the photograph points to the word "Knowledge". In the drawing, the top of a child's head, with a jagged speech bubble coming out, which says "Don't shoot! I don't want to die in the trap!" The child is pictured in front of a brick wall.

I Am KidCulture empowers at-risk youth, reduces gun and gang violence, and promotes higher education.

Did you know?

The I Am KidCulture blog has information about our contests, giveaways, and speaking engagements. 

A photograph of people standing looking at a mural of Nipsey Hussle. One man, Patrick Pursley, poses in front of the mural. The Mural depicts Nipsey Hussle with large white wings fading in behind him. He is standing in front of a colorful sunset, with the shadows of palm trees to one side. The bottom of the mural says "The Marathon Continues" in mixed writing styles.
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